The project

A pre-study is currently done to know how the Lärandets Torg vision can be concretized.

Us as students are following this process and will present a design proposal to help the discussion.

What ?

A new community center for education, associations, cultural practitioners, social economy and public actors in Hammarkulletorget.

– Strenghten the community life and create social arenas. Help the associations to be more effective.
– Make the educational system more accessible to the inhabitants of Hammarkullen (Göteborgs universitet, Chalmers, Folkhögskolan, cultural activities …).
– The combination of education and associations to encourage social development and political awareness
– Put in value and promote local culture and improve the image of suburbs.
– A hub for knowledge in social sustainability (social practitioners meet professionals in urban development)

How ?

– Understand expectations of stakeholders towards the future in Hammarkullen and a possible collective project.

– Design a new facility with a co-design event.


2 thoughts on “The project

  1. Inspiering page, and fun to see that you have begun your process!

  2. Marie dW says:

    The diagram looks nice. This seems to be a good way to show the connections between the different actors and factors in your project. I am looking forward to see how you will connect them in your design. This could really be something Hammarkullen could benefit from. Keep on working.

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